(Recipe) Kiwi Avocado Smoothie with Lime and Honey

Smoothies are a great way to get all your fruits and veggies in a day. This kiwi avocado smoothie gives a tasty combination. Sylvia from Feasting At Home.com created this kiwi avocado smoothie. She is a caterer and chef, so she knows what combinations of fruit taste great together. She has a great selection of recipes on her site including a Rosemary Chicken Lasagna that is drool worthy. Make sure you stop by her blog and find something new and yummy to try.

  • ½ perfectly ripe large avocado
  • 2 kiwi- peeled
  • ⅛ C lime juice + 1 T
  • ⅛ C-1/4 C Almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, aloe juice, fruit juice- just enough to get the blender going.
  • honey to taste 1-2 T
  • 2-3 ice cubes
  1. Place the liquid in the blender first, then fruit and ice. Cover. Start on low speed, increasing to high speed. Blend it up until creamy and smooth.
  2. And remember, don’t ever stick a spoon or spatula in blender while it’s running.
  3. Makes one 10 oz glass.

This is such a simple smoothie recipe and it lets me customize it to our own dietary needs. I think we would like this best with pineapple juice, although lactose free milk would probably be Em’s choice. If you can use local honey. Honey from a local bee keeper is a very healthy option. I’ve always been told that eating local honey can help reduce allergies. Hey, I’ll try anything I can to reduce allergy symptoms.

Now I just have to buy a new blender that will pulverize the ice into a smoothie drink.

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